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Video Slots Features

Video slots are slot machines without actual reels. Instead of the reels video slots have a video screen. There can be 7 or even nine reels in the machine to play at video slots. Most of the video slots have 5 reels. Online slot machines are all actually video slots. Also video slots have a multi payline option. It means that a player can put more than one bet on one game. Players can put from 5 and more paylines on a single game, choose to play 25 paylines, or even up to 100 paylines for one game. There is a payout table in video slot machines for winning. After each game winnings are shown on such payout table so the player could see whether he\she won or not.


In video slots there are also such things as multipliers and wild symbols. Wild symbols are symbols that can stand for other symbols. For example if you have formed a line with 4 similar symbols and one wild symbol this wild symbol will be counted as fifth similar to previous four symbols in the line. It is a substitute symbol. But, you should read each video slot machine’s rules very carefully, because some of them may have restrictions or variation of rules for the wild symbols.

Multiplier is a symbol that multiplies player’s winnings. For example if the player formed a line of similar symbols and a multiplier, like X2 player’s winnings will be multiplied on 2. There are as well bonus multipliers which multiply bonus winnings. Again you should be attentive and read machine’s rules, because they can differ from machine to machine.

With video slots there is other one way of making winnings without winning the game itself – with the help of bonus levels. Some special combinations of symbols lead players to the bonus levels. Bonus levels are special levels of the game, usually played not on the main screen of the machine but on extra special extra screen for bonus levels, and can be very different from the slot game itself. It can be lotto, 'pick a box', or skill based games of some sort. This bonus levels add credits to the player’s balance, and sometimes they can be bigger than the win of the slot game. After some bonus levels players get a number of free spins as a prize for the level. Most beautiful in bonus rounds is that you don’t need to make an additional wager to play the bonus level on video slots.

Most of slot machines today are video slots. They can be 5 reels, 9 reels, 3 reels, Bonus slots or Progressive slots.

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