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Types of Slots - Which of Slot Machines to Choose

If you have heard anything from the history of slots you must know that slot machines were invented in the United States, and there is nothing unusual in the fact they has become a part of US life nowadays. Thus United Government has strictly regulated the availability of slot machines in the country. Slots can be only in legalized places and there are not so many of those as you may think.

In New Jersey slots are allowed only in hotel casinos in Atlantic City. In states like Indiana, Iowa, Illinois, Louisiana and Missouri slots, as well as any other gambling games, are legalized only on licensed special riverboats or barges, but after Hurricane Katrina US government allowed such casinos in those states to be located along the Mississippi’s shores.

Delaware State allows slots only at horse tracks, and there are only three of them in the state!

There are even casinos which are located in reservations, but slots are not permitted there until a law by the government of the state will be issued.

Each state has its own laws for the gambling industry, and of course the capital of the gambling world – Las Vegas!

Most laws against gambling and slots divide slots into three classes. Here we will describe the most common classes, Class II and Class III.

Class II, also called Video lottery terminals or simply “VLTs”. All slots of this class are connected to one centralized computer system. This system counts the outcome of each bet from each slot machine. Class II slots are more widely spread because laws against this class are not so harsh as to the machines of Class III.

Class II

  • Players compete for a common prize and only against each other
  • The game continues until somebody wins the main prize.
  • All players must take an active participation in the game.
  • The combinations must not repeat.

A bingo is an excellent example of the Class II game.

Class III

  • It is a game against the house, not against other players.
  • All games are independent from each other, and any combinations and winnings can occur at any time.
  • All wins must be announced automatically.

Vegas slots are the perfect example of Class III games.

Las Vegas – Slots Paradise!

Las Vegas, Nevada State! The place where all dreams may come true! Forgive us this cliché, but Las Vegas indeed is a gambling paradise! The main gambling place, a capital of gambling world, and the mecca for gamblers from all of the world! The city of gamblers!

When it comes to gambling you just can’t forget about slots! Where do you think is the place where the most of slot machines can be found? Answer is again Las Vegas! It is a slots’ capital of the world as well! Like in any other place in the world and even in US, slots can be found anywhere in Las Vegas!

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