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Star Strategy - Play Slots Successfully!

  • The basic feature of this three start slots strategy is to allow a player to stick with a particular slots machine in online along with a possibility to lose a bet of small sum.
  • This strategy is only applicable for three coin slot machine.
  • This strategy includes setting up a betting outline that contains at least 10 bets for each and every level.

However, this strategy utilized the concepts of naked numbers and naked pulls for safe guarding the players' bankroll.

What is Naked Numbers?

This naked numbers concept is designed for limiting the players' upcoming lose while playing with a particular slot machine in online. It works by ending with a particular level after a series of preset empty numbers. For example, a player has to select a naked number earlier. When the player gets to that naked number, then his outline of bets must drop to a bit lower level and by this he will keep on playing the game. That's it.

What is Naked Pulls?

Naked pulls concept is especially designed for limiting losses at any particular slot games in online. It works by placing series bets while playing a particular slot and ended when the player just reach the preset empty pulls. That means the player has to end with a slot game after reaching those pre-fixed empty pulls.

Let me illustrate it with an example for your better understanding. If a player selects a number of ten naked pulls, the player must have to end with the game when he gets to that empty pulls. After that, the player has to leave that specific online slot machine.

Strategy of Three Star Slots

This three start slots strategy includes the concepts of both naked numbers and naked pulls as well. According to this strategy, the players have to set a sequence of bets in advance and this series must have to be consisted of minimum ten bets for each and every level. Before the slots, the players need to set a number for naked pulls as well as the naked number. After setting up all these things, the player can only then proceed to play the game.

This strategy is a kind of safe guarding policy by which the players can easily manages any hazardous situation not to get out of gear. When the player gets to the preset naked number, then he has to drop the bet to a bit lower level and end up with the game. However, a player can also fly to a maximum level of betting for an occasion of win.

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