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Slot Machine Cheats - Great Risk or Profit?

Slot machines cheats are known to be much harder to realize that it can seem at first sight. In fact, slot machine chats are really the art of how to win at slots, the art of jeopardy and taking risks with the most reckless slots gamers.
Thus, slot machine cheats are almost the same as stealing money directly from casinos.

Well-known slot machine cheats

There is no doubt that the best slots cheater is Tommy Glenn Carmichael. He managed to implement the best casino cheats in the slots history. It is widely accepted that it was him who invented slot machine strategy the idea of which was cheating device implementation. To be exact, he invented the well-known monkey's wire that could affect theslot machine payout system.

Mini lights usage

Another slot machine cheating device is the mini lights. In the modern age of electronics, mini light are said to be one of the most successful slot machine cheats. The idea of the usage is the fact that light can easily confuse the slot machine sensors and make slots repay incorrectly.

Counterfeit coins

Counterfeit coins are commonly used in the cheating casinos. This method still works, but not always. As far as the modern casinos fight against cheating, casino technology has become far more advanced recently. The anti- counterfeit money defense has been advanced, as well.

Looking for the slots that have just repaid

Another scam can be finding the slots that have just paid off the jackpot. Thus, in order to apply the scam, the cheater may claim that the jackpot was hit, but the slot machine refused to pay off, though it actually had not to do that at all. However, there are a lot of cameras in the modern casinos that serve to prevent such situations with the false jackpot hitting.

Sabotaging slots

It is one of the slot machine cheats called the sabotage. It is perhaps the hardest scam to implement. The matter is that the inside man is needed for its realization. Only a good programmer can help to win without being spotted. If it is done properly, the slot machine will repay. Being reprogrammed appropriately, the slot machine buttons can be pushed in a particular pattern at certain moment and provoke the guaranteed payoff.
It is interesting to know that everyone who tried the following scam was busted. All slot machine cheats are known to be dangerous.

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