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Progressive Slots - The Highest Winning Machine

A few decades ago, the slots manufacturers started covering updated microprocessors into the slots games. It was the first idea about the progressive jackpot. The main reason behind going for the progressive slot is that a portion of the placed bet would be added to the sum of jackpot payoffs. In the year of 1986, the advancement in the progressive slots was made. At present, it becomes so common in both real life and online based casinos.

Every time you place bet in the progressive slot game, a certain percentage will be added instantly to the pot. Though the progressive slots have a bit lower payout rate than the standard slots, the payoffs are generally so big than your gambled money.

For example, when you place a bet in any progressive slot, it will take about 5% of the bet and then add it to the jackpot. As a result, the payoffs must have to be below 95%. After taking out the fees of casino, you will finally get a payoff of 90%.

Tips for Playing

When you are going to play progressive slot, you have to play with maximum coins, otherwise you may miss the top jackpot for this simple mistake! If you have an intention to make your playing session lengthy by using one coin, then you should not go for progressive slots. Progressive slot indirectly denotes playing with maximum coins for each spin.

It would be more regretting for you when you only collect $1000 and missed a chance to win million of dollars only for an extra coin! Before playing at the land-based casinos, just make it sure that all of your coins are properly registered. While playing online, you should always press "Bet Max" switch and I can assure you that there will not be any problem for you.

Different Sorts of Progressive Slots

At present, there are different sorts of Progressive machines available in the casinos. If you know better about all sorts of slot machines, then you can easily take advantage in the game. Here are some different sorts of slot machines.

  • Individual Progressives - It is a self-contained slot machine and it does not allow any sort of jackpot payment from another machines.
  • Multi-Location - It is the most admired progressive machines that almost all the players want to play with. As there are quite a few hundred machines, there is a huge pot of gold!
  • Linked Progressives - It is basically a group of machines that are usually interconnected to each other.

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