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Different Kinds of Slot Machines

According to reviews in top online casinos, slot machines are among the most favored casino games played by casino visitors in Atlantic City, Las Vegas, New Jersey and several other gambling destinations. Slots games are very popular not only in brick-and-mortar casinos, but in internet casinos as well. Slots machines are also commonly referred to as one-armed bandits; since they were initially operated using a lever on the “arm” (side of the machine) rather than a front-panel button, and “bandits” for the obvious reasons.

Traditional slots’ reels are spun by a lever, releasing a spring. At random intervals, each reel stops and the machine awards a payout depending on the result that appears. As opposed to mechanical reels, electronic slots use an RNG (Random Number Generator) to control the motion and eventual stopping of the reel. Modern slots machines operate in all denominations, from high-stakes machines to penny slots and come in a plethora of types.

Traditional Slots

Traditional one-armed bandits have been around for very many years. They are the classic slots machines having 3-5 mechanical reels -operated by a push button today- but were formerly operated by levers. These reels present fruits, bars or other symbols that line up in rows when the reels grind to a halt. This may happen either under the player’s or the machine’s command. Newer models use multiple paylines as compared to older models which used a single payline across the screen’s center.

Progressive Slots Machines

Progressive slots, on the other hand, have links to a master network which gives a large jackpot to whichever machine (within its network) that achieves the right combination of reels. Progressive slot machines may have traditional reels with a maximum of five separate reels and quite a number of paylines. Progressive “one-armed bandits” operate with a payout schedule; but ordinarily have an indication of the word “progressive” at the point where the jackpots are listed. Progressive slots will calculate your jackpot on the basis of the number of coins that you have paid into them. This jackpot keeps increasing progressively in anticipation of a win.

As enthusiasts of the best online casino games will tell you, there are some tips and strategies involved in winning at progressive slots. You should ensure that you cover each and every one of the payout lines. You can do this by ensuring that your bet is always at the maximum. By doing so, you will make sure that should you hit the progressive jackpot, you will get to win the whole of it.

It is also worth noting that progressive slots give you a small advantage –of 2%- over the other slot machines.

Progressive online slots games are exhaustively reviewed at (a site that plays and reviews online casino games and recommends the ‘cream of the crop’). This site also allows visitors to learn the rules of playing various slots games and an opportunity to play free slots. The jackpots offered at progressive slots keep growing rapidly and have historically produced very high payouts, sometimes worth a million-dollars in some instances. The largest progressive payout ever recorded in an online casino was worth around $22,974,400 million dollars!

Video Slots Machines

In contemporary casinos, video slots are arguably the most sophisticated machines. They are basically computers having memory chips and logic chips in place of the classic mechanical reel having small video screens. It's possible to program video slots in whichever way the casino prefers with respect to jackpot amounts and payouts. Designers have come up with a myriad of bonus games to be played at 3D video slots machines, that it has become quite daunting to identify the best casino bonuses on offer. Designers have also substituted or improved the old-fashioned symbols with cartoon characters, images of celebrities and hologram images.

Bonus Game Slots

They entail a bonus-game which becomes active once a specific symbol comes up on the reels.

Video slots machines are a common feature in online casinos; and if you’re looking to play casino online games you will most probably bump into an online video slots machine.

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