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Five-Reel Slots Variation

The year 2001 was the year of emergence for the online casinos in the United States. In that time, popularity of the five reel slots got a speed across the American continent like a wildfire! In fact, it was fondly called as the Pokie Machine. The main reason behind this huge popularity is its great balance between complexity and simplicity. It is needless to say that you will have a great fun while playing this game.

The fame of this variation of slot got a speed just after the first introduction of the 3 reel slots. In general, there is only one pay-line in the 3 reel slots that usually results in win-lose condition. The best thing about five reel slots is that the players can both lose and win through the several pay-lines all at once. Moreover, players are allowed to bet as many as they like to. For this reason, its popularity also prevails in the arena of online casino. Now, most of the players want go for this game while participating in any slot tournament.

The Structure of the Five Reel Slots

This slot is consists of five reels where each reel contains a set of various symbols. For this reason, this slot can be categorized into two parts - one is the Video slots and another one is the Classic slots. Classic slots are more similar to 3 reel slots while video slots are more popular in the online arena for its easiness to play. The graphics of the video slot is really amazing and top-notch quality. This amplifies its popularity as well.

There is also variety in the pay-lines' number. Once a winning combination gets matched with a pay-line, the player is then declared as the winner and gets his respective payoffs. In general, there are five pay-lines in this variant of slot. However, there are up to twenty-five pay-lines in some five reel slots. In fact, the more you select the volume of pay-lines for betting, the more you will have the chance of winning.


At present, lots of reputed software is available in the market that can fabricate the best online five reel slots. Microgaming Viper, Rival Gaming and Playtech are the name of some popular software regarding this purpose. You can easily choose one of them for you.

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