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Chicken Strategy - How to Win Slots

The name denotes the actual norm of this strategy. Once you get won, you will be suggested to leave the game just like as the chicken! When your bet gets lose in the next round, still then you will be suggested to leave.

In the beginning, let me illustrate an example for your better understanding. Let just imagine that you have a bankroll of $20. When you place the bets, it could easily be made in a pulse like as 2, 2, 3,3,1,1 or anything that suits with you well. You can also start off your bet with one coin and increase the amount consecutively if you can win in a regular basis.

Once your bet get paid, then just take payoffs and simply leave the machine like as the chicken! And, do the same if you lose the bet. When you win last round of your session, the suggestion would be a bit different and it is to continue the game until you lose the bet. It is highly recommended to keep betting once you win at your last session.

The Underlying Principle

The underlying principle of this strategy is a kind of delusion which states that when a machine gives out a huge sum as payoffs, it will not going to give the same in the next round! Though this myth is not taking into account, the slot is always considered as a game of luck and chances. One fine evening you can end up with a huge payoff that you may not expect! Same things can be happened in online slot gaming. So, it is quite impossible to predict that are you going to get any single penny or not!

But, you can take the chance by employing this strategy. You must also know that there are quite a few slot games that are not really suitable for this sort of strategy. Moreover, this is not such strategy that can work as surefire and can bring you thousands of dollars in a day. The truth is that if one can manage his bankroll perfectly, his bets will prevail in the slots. This strategy is very effective when you are in do or die situation in the game.

However, there are many other strategies available for 3 coin slots, but all strategy will not suite with you. It is far better to pursue your instincts while betting rather than chasing these elusive strategies. It's up to you!

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